What is ArtPod?

Artpod designs and delivers creative kits, workshops and events for children of all ages and abilities, we aim to inspire the next generation of artists, makers and inventors.

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What's an ArtBag?

A themed artbag containing at least 4 individual kits, suitable for aged 3-4 years with help and for those from aged 5-9years creating independently.

What's new?

Our artboxes & live video classes are now part of the Virtual School holiday project for primary aged children in care.

Hoorah! Our 1st round of ArtBags are ready! Check out our amazing ArtBags

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We will soon be getting tech savvy & running more online sessions

so that any kid can join in with Shaz’s creative challenges. 

We hope to bring the spark of creativity into many homes around the country

by selling & with the help of sponsors, donating art bags to kids who need it the most!

Love Shaz x 

Sharon Mee Brighton Artist. Founder director of Artpod

Pay it forward

Would you like to donate towards a child, or children to receive our themed art bags?

If you’d like to discuss an idea further contact us here

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We are proud to announce our wonderful ArtBags!

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Themed art bags that can be used independently.

Suitable for aged 3-5 with adult support. Aged 6+ independently

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Available now


Beach art bag

Sunshine Beach time ArtBag


wizard 1 contents

Wizard art bag

Wonderful World of Wizarding ArtBag


Mermaid ArtBag ArtPod Rottingdean Brighton London South East England 4 new

Mermaid art bag

Mystical Mermaid Making ArtBag


Dinosaur Art Bag

Dinosaur art bag

Dawn of the Dino ArtBag


Pirate ArtBag ArtPod Rottingdean Brighton London South East England-1-new

Pirate art bag

Pesky Pirate Adventures ArtBag


unicorn 1 lightbox YES

Unicorn art bag

Uniquely unicorny enchanted ArtBag


Sun artbag

The future

To continue to support children, young people, adults & creative practitioners’ artistic development, the aim now is to create a visual arts, digital platform called Made By Mee. Decades of inventing, training & delivering creative processes to all abilities has amassed a wealth of skills, to be digitized, transferring “in person” delivery “online”. 

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We would like to thank the Arts Council of England and the National Lottery for funding this new development via Emergency C19 funding