About Artpod

Artpod  designs & delivers visual arts kits , workshops & events for people of all ages & abilities.

We aim to inspire the next generation of artists, makers & producers. Our network of local & regional creatives we work with bring intimate classes & immersive artistic experiences throughout our community &  across the UK.

We create & deliver, SEN-friendly, participatory visual arts projects that engage with communities  & we support young people who are interested in stepping into the art world to achieve art’s awards & qualifications. We create opportunities & champion collaboration with arts & cultural organisations, charities, schools & our freelance creative practitioners.

We work with partners from across the South East & beyond to address barriers to creativity for all children & young people aged 0-19, in challenging circumstances or from economically deprived or culturally poor areas, in a collaborative, innovative & sustainable way.

Art kits

Family Weekend: Artist Patrick Bullock and Lily Kids Photo: Paul Mansield
The Lily Foundation Annual Family weekend

Our Process

Supporting children & young people's creativity is at the heart of what we do.

In classes, workshops & events, both in person & online. Our participants imagine & experiment via the process of creating & all involved get to experience extraordinary moments. 

Artpod is fully committed to supporting emerging young artists, both as an arts award centre & arts award advisers (discover- gold). We advocate creative relationships to nurture the next generation of artists, makers and inventors.

Image created by a young artist from the Virtual School during our artbox and live video classes  in collaboration with artist Jo Coles and Future Creators.
Artist Bethany from The Virtual School Art Club


Based in Rottingdean, ArtPod is both an art studio & traditional shop by the sea however our twist is, we also make, sell and hire our creations and that of other local artists.


Unicorn made by Sharon Mee: Enchanted Horsham . Photo: Robin Morley

Covid Chaos

March 13th 2020…..In the blink of an eye.....COVID -19 changed everything!

Every single arts or community event, art show, kids workshop, party, school project that Artpod was running, collaborating on or hired to deliver was either cancelled or postponed.

Changing times

It's been a strange, chaotic, anxious, unusual time dealing with the fallout, to say the least & it’s the kids that we work with that have got to me the most.

Saying goodbye to all the kids at my art classes, not knowing if/when it will be able to return was grim. It was so rubbish explaining to the kids that we weren't allowed to host birthday parties at Artpod.

It was gutting for my young artpod leaders, who have studied for exams that won’t now happen & do not get to celebrate with each other.

So what now? 

With Artpod on furlough, we decided to find another way to ignite creativity as a community. Myself & our wonderful creative friends of Artpod went back to our humble beginnings & embarked upon freelance & volunteering life once again! 

We rolled up our sleeves & got down to business! We hand delivered over 500 free ArtBags to kids of key workers & local unsung heroes, so they can imagine, create & make, during lockdown & beyond.

We facilitated birthday parties & creative group sessions in zoom to local kids, schools and kids in the care system to try and bring a sense of normality & creative outlet in such uncertain times. 

Grant award received

Artpod are thrilled and relieved to have been awarded a grant as part of the Government’s £1.57 billion Culture Recovery Fund to help face the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic.

We are one of 1,385 cultural and creative organisations across the country receiving urgently needed support. £257 million of investment as part of the Culture Recovery Fund grants programme being administered by Arts Council England.

This funding will be a lifeline for our organisation and we will use the investment to support our core operations and to continue to create work with and for children and young people, inspiring a new generation of artists, makers and inventors.

We are looking forward to returning to live classes in our venue and in schools with our communities and artists. With more digital work in the pipeline for those who are still unable to visit us in person.

“Inspiring creativity and developing wellbeing in all children and young people is paramount, and the arts now more than ever have an essential role to play in making this happen.

We will use this investment from DCMS and Arts Council England to continue to make a difference to the young people in our community, and across the UK who have engaged with our work during lockdown. The funding will enable us to ensure our sustainability and resilience as we move forward through the next few turbulent months, and in to 2021.”