Our mission at Artpod is to inspire the next generation of artists, makers, and producers.

We amplify the voices of young people and marginalised communities through the arts, using accessible and participatory projects that foster self-expression and well-being.

We empower youth to earn arts qualifications and collaborate with cultural organizations, charities, and schools to create opportunities for work experience and employment.

We actively work to dismantle barriers to creativity for those facing economic challenges, living in culturally deprived areas, or having special educational needs. Committed to innovation, we create engaging, impactful, and enjoyable art experiences.

Art kits

Family Weekend: Artist Patrick Bullock and Lily Kids Photo: Paul Mansield
The Lily Foundation Annual Family weekend

Our Process

At Artpod, nurturing creativity in children and young people is our core mission. Through diverse in-person and online classes, workshops, and events, our participants engage in imaginative and experimental creative processes, leading to extraordinary moments for everyone involved.

As an Arts Award center and adviser (from Discover to Gold level), we are dedicated to fostering emerging young talent and building creative relationships that support the development of the next generation of artists, makers, and inventors..

Image created by a young artist from the Virtual School during our art box and live video classes in collaboration with artist Jo Coles and Future Creators.
Artist Bethany from The Virtual School Art Club


Located in Rottingdean, Artpod combines the charm of a traditional seaside art studio and shop. We offer a unique twist by not only creating and selling our own art pieces but also featuring and renting works from local artists.


Unicorn made by Sharon Mee: Enchanted Horsham . Photo: Robin Morley