Pocket Money Gifts

See our selection of specially selected items, perfect for your child to buy with their pocket money!

waboba flyer 2

Waboba Flyer

Lights Up On Impact. Hit it! Kick it! Smack It!



Waboba Heads Flying Disc

Flies over 40m ! Catchable foldable collectable For aged 5+



Scrunch Eco Watering Can

A wonderful easy to carry 100% silicone (super soft and bendy) watering can with rope and easy-grip handle.


seedling-and-trowel-set-light pink

Scrunch Eco Seedling + Trowel Set

A brilliant collapsible little pot suitable for seedlings, together with a trowel for busy little fingers.


light grey scrunch frisbee

Scrunch Foldable Flyers

If using Beach drop please select the area of beach for delivery during checkout process. There is a minimum spend of £10 for beach drop delivery otherwise the option will not show during checkout.



Waboba Mini Moon Ball

Brand New smaller size! Size: 55 mm / 2.17 in
It’s smaller in volume than the bigger Moon Balls, but still bounces out of this universe.


4pc Beach playset

4pc Recycled Beach Playset

4pc, 100% Recycled Plastic Beach Bucket, Spade & Trail, crabe shape. Kids Eco friendly Outdoor Play Set, Multi



Waboba Heads Glider

Flies over 100 feet / 30 metres



Aerobie Rocket Football

Small compact and spiralls spectacularily. Throw with your right hand for aged 3+



Aerobie Orbiter Boomerang

It really does come back to you!. Throw in 30-degree angle.
Engineered for fun! Aim for the ground 100ft ahead with a 30-degree right lean. Throw in an open outdoor space and alert the catcher


Ten Trick YoYo

Ten trick YoYo

High speed plastic bearing, beginner friendly


Stretchy Reptiles

3 Stretchy Reptiles

Frog, Snake & Lizard + Bonus mini lizard



Multipack of Slime

Alien, toxic & bouncing


Moon balls

Moon Ball Package

Skimmer, Street & Original


Light up Monsters Finger puppets

Giant Light Up monster & Funny Finger Puppets

Giant light up monster and Funny finger puppets


Glow Sticks

Glow Sticks

Selection of star, Love heart and traditional Glow sticks


Colouring Books

Colouring book

(Princess & Farm themed colouring books + felt pens)


Light Up Squishys

Light up Squishies

Duck, Bear and Unicorn


Cheeky Monsters

Cheeky Monsters

Monster soft ball, Bouncing monsters, Whoopie cushion


Card Games

Card Games

Pack of 3 Novel and traditional card games


Bouncy Eye Balls

EyeBall pack

1 Eye squishy, 2 Bouncing eyes, 1 Light up eyeball ring


Whip YoYo

Whip YoYo

Stainless steel Ball Bearing