See our selection of specially selected items, perfect for your child to buy with their pocket money!

waboba flyer 2

Waboba Flyer

Lights Up On Impact. Hit it! Kick it! Smack It!



Waboba Heads Flying Disc

Flies over 40m ! Catchable foldable collectable For aged 5+



Scrunch Eco Watering Can

A wonderful easy to carry 100% silicone (super soft and bendy) watering can with rope and easy-grip handle.


seedling-and-trowel-set-light pink

Scrunch Eco Seedling + Trowel Set

A brilliant collapsible little pot suitable for seedlings, together with a trowel for busy little fingers.


light grey scrunch frisbee

Scrunch Foldable Flyers

If using Beach drop please select the area of beach for delivery during checkout process. There is a minimum spend of £10 for beach drop delivery otherwise the option will not show during checkout.



Waboba Mini Moon Ball

Brand New smaller size! Size: 55 mm / 2.17 in
It’s smaller in volume than the bigger Moon Balls, but still bounces out of this universe.


4pc Beach playset

4pc Recycled Beach Playset

4pc, 100% Recycled Plastic Beach Bucket, Spade & Trail, crabe shape. Kids Eco friendly Outdoor Play Set, Multi



Waboba Heads Glider

Flies over 100 feet / 30 metres



Aerobie Rocket Football

Small compact and spiralls spectacularily. Throw with your right hand for aged 3+



Aerobie Orbiter Boomerang

It really does come back to you!. Throw in 30-degree angle.
Engineered for fun! Aim for the ground 100ft ahead with a 30-degree right lean. Throw in an open outdoor space and alert the catcher


Ten Trick YoYo

Ten trick YoYo

High speed plastic bearing, beginner friendly


Stretchy Reptiles

3 Stretchy Reptiles

Frog, Snake & Lizard



Multipack of Slime

Alien, toxic & bouncing


Moon balls

Moon Ball Package

Skimmer, Street & Original
Random 3 ball collection will include 1 moon, 1 skimmer and 1 spizzy, subject to availability


Light up Monsters Finger puppets

Giant Light Up monster & Funny Finger Puppets

Giant light up monster and Funny finger puppets


Glow Sticks

Big Glow necklace and lanyard glow stick

Selection of star, Love heart and traditional Glow sticks


Colouring Books

Colouring book

(Princess & Farm themed colouring books + felt pens)


Light Up Squishys

Light up Squishies

Duck, Bear and Unicorn


Cheeky Monsters

Cheeky Monsters

Monster soft ball, Bouncing monsters, Whoopie cushion


Card Games

Card Games

Pack of 3 Novel and traditional card games


Bouncy Eye Balls

EyeBall pack

1 Eye squishy, 2 Bouncing eyes, 1 Light up eyeball ring


Whip YoYo

Whip YoYo

Stainless steel Ball Bearing