Plant Power

In the summer of 2022 we took our brand new participatory show PLANT POWER on a little tour from Brighton to the Midlands and back again

THANK YOU to everyone who answered the call!

“The forest needs your help! “

Participants who became part of this enchanting performance helped Mouse and all the forest creatures to save their beautiful home.

We loved your masks and placards, your chants and songs, and how you helped us confront our huge crumbling power station puppet Nucleus and rewild it into Sprout!

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Written & designed with young people at Artpod art club, SIBS &  The Lily Foundation

Poetic narrative by Anita Garai from a story devised by Artpod

Recorded Soundscape by Harvey Gunn

Live soundscape by Jack Stew

Mouse performed by Pat Bullock & Anita Garai

Photos by Ray Gibson

plant power foxes
Plant power save the forest

PLANT POWER engages children and families in understanding, articulating and sharing their voices on climate change, focussing on the sustainability of power production alongside protection and rewilding of the natural environment.

PLANT POWER has been created with local communities of young people, with their conversations woven
into the narrative, design & soundtrack. The show brings climate change recovery into conversations
through socially-engaged practice.

“Deep inside a forest glade,

not so long ago

a hundred thousand trees grew high

and flowers bloomed below….

Then one day, they knew not from where,

this giant form appeared

Right there inside the forest glade

Looking completely weird…

Where there was once a beautiful home

where my friends could dance and play

now lies this cold and lifeless place.

This giant cannot stay!’’

You can listen to the soundscape below

You can watch the video below

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